GRP Pipes Protect Municipality against Flood Damage

ID de Proyecto: [000108]
País: Austria
Ciudad: Pflach
Año: 2001
Acceso a Alcantarillado / Rehabilitación de Acceso a Alcantarillado
Instalación: Superficie
Largo Total [m]: 112
Diámetro Nominal DN [mm]: 700 | 2400
Diámetro Exterior [mm]: 718 | 2454
Presión Nominal PN [bar]: 1 | 10
Rigidez Nominal SN [N/m²]: 5000

Pflach is no more afraid of heavy rainfall

In 2001, the municipality decided to invest approximately 3.6 million EURO in an extensive flood protection project. If required, the newly constructed pump shafts can pump about 2,600 liters of water per second. The pump shafts are placed in changing ground water levels, which means that they have to be 100 % resistant against buoyancy and utterly leak-tight to withstand the water pressure in the long run. Pipes and shafts have to meet very high structural loads. Due to these requirements, the building authority Reutte, decided for the market leader HOBAS, well-known for high quality pipe systems with a long operational lifetime. “Another reason for this decision of the constructor was the fact that HOBAS delivered all shafts including the necessary sewage pumps, gate valves, backwater locks and the whole electronic equipment for this flood protection project”, says project manager Othmar Vogler. The pipelines for this project were alsoexecuted with HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems. The electrical switch room, switch cupboards and the pump controls were constructed by HOBAS, too. This so-called “Prefabricated HOBAS House” was made with a pipe into which an entrance door and a window was cut.

  • GRP Pipes Protect Municipality against Flood Damage