HOBAS Drainage System for Gurk area

ID de Proyecto: [000121]
País: Austria
Ciudad: Gurk
Año: 1999
Instalación: Superficie
Largo Total [m]: 289
Diámetro Nominal DN [mm]: 800
Diámetro Exterior [mm]: 820
Presión Nominal PN [bar]: 1
Rigidez Nominal SN [N/m²]: 10000

Ideal for bridges HOBAS

Product benefits speak for themselves: The high corrosion resistance of the HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems guarantees long maintenance intervals, reducing the high costs to a minimum for maintenance work in areas difficult to access. Great care has to be taken when building in environmentally sensitive zones, which is why absolute leak tightness was top priority for the HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe System. Furthermore, an additional specification in bridge construction requires the pipes to absorb the linear extension occurring in the area of the bridge abutments. HOBAS dilation couplings made of stainless steel guarantee the required integrity of the pipeline in the event of such elongation here. Installation from above Pipe installation began in March 1999. Their low weight and easy handling meant that a simple crane was all that was required. The pipes were lowered through the gap between the two carriageways and suspended from steel girders with supports located every 3 meters. Wooden saddles with a layer of rubber ensure they do not sustain damage. A walkway facilitates maintenance work on both sides of the 215 meter long bridge. It was not least thanks to the length and easy installation of the HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems that the Gurk Bridge drainage system was completed in only four weeks.

  • HOBAS Drainage System for Gurk area
  • HOBAS Drainage System for Gurk area